Anatomy of your wiki's Settings page (our new Manage Wiki area)

Access your wiki's Settings page by clicking on the Settings icon on your wiki's Navigation Bar (note that members won't see the Settings icon, nor will members have access to a wiki's Settings page).



  • The Settings page's About section will provide you with information about your wiki's Description, Organizers, Members, the wiki's License, as well as the Subscription the wiki is currently on.


  • The Storage section provides you with information about your wiki's contents: The number of various items you have (pages/files/exports) as well as the amount of content (in MB) compared with the amount of content your wiki's subscription allows

Web Folders / WebDAV

  • Visit this section if you're using a WebDAV client with your wiki's contents. For more information, visit our WebDAV documentation page.


  • Basic information

    • Here you'll be able to change your wiki's Title as well as your wiki's Description
  • Application Type

    • Wiki: This is our Classic Wiki type
    • Basic Website: This version will hide various aspects of your wiki from your visitors. Use this type when you want to showcase your wiki without providing visitors with our wiki collaboration tools
    • Classroom: A wiki type specifically for teachers and classrooms. Visit our Classroom blog post to learn more about this Application Type
  • Discussions

    • Here you'll be able to change your wiki's Discussion Setting
  • Search Engines

    • Check the Search Engine box if you wish to allow search engines to index your wiki (only applicable with publicly-viewable wikis)
  • SSL

    • Check the SSL box if you wish to force your visitors/members to use SSL (not available with wikis using a custom domain)
  • Google Analytics

    • Google Analytics provides website traffic analysis and statistics


User Creator

  • Use this feature to create student accounts (with or without valid email addresses)
  • Our User Creator tool will guide you through the process of creating your student accounts. You can also visit our User Creator video tutorial
  • Be sure to save a copy of your student credentials once you've created your student accounts


  • This setting option is not offered on Wikispaces Classroom
  • Use this setting to upgrade your wiki's subscription, extend it, and when viewing your wiki's subscription history


Domain Name

  • Standard Domain

    • Here you can change your wiki's domain name
    • e.g. change to
  • Custom Domain

    • Available with a Super Plan subscription
    • e.g. change to

Exports / Backups

  • Use this tool to export all of your wiki's contents onto your hard drive (files, pages, etc.)

Themes and Colors


  • This setting option is not offered on Wikispaces Classroom
  • The Stylesheet controls the presentation of your page content (the editable portion of your page)
  • You may change most aspects of your Stylesheet using CSS (not offered with a Basic Plan)


  • This setting option is not offered on Wikispaces Classroom
  • Use this tool to customize your wiki's logo

Content Manager

  • This setting option is not offered on Wikispaces Classroom
  • Create default content for various pages on your site


  • We offer three Statistics pages - The information on these pages can be sorted by Date and Project
  • Overview

    • Wiki wide information (e.g. wiki views throughout April 2013, Edits made throughout 2012, etc.)
  • Pages

    • Page-view information, pertaining to a specific time period
  • Members

    • Members stats, pertaining to edits and posts made during a specific time period