Wikispaces Training Camp

This 15–20-minute activity is designed to get your students comfortable with using wikis. Before you begin, please take a few minutes to prepare. If you have any questions about these steps, contact us at
  1. Create your wiki and prepare accounts for your students.
  2. Prep media for your students:
    • Upload an image to your wiki.
    • Upload a file to your wiki.
    • Find a video on your favorite video service (e.g., YouTube, TeacherTube). On the home page of your wiki, add a link to that video. Do not embed the video. The link should say, “Training camp video.”
  3. Download the Training Camp worksheet () and prep it for your class:
    • In the field for task #1, enter the URL of your wiki.
    • In the field for task #6, enter the name of the image file you uploaded.
    • In the field for task #7, enter the name of the second file you uploaded.

This activity is still under development. If you have any suggestions for improving it, contact Wikispaces support.

If you are looking for a tool to present wikis to your peers, please request a copy of our PD Presenter wiki.