Site Administration

Dashboard tab

Get a quick snapshot of your user accounts and site activity, including new users, page edits, message posts, and number of wikis created and edited daily. You can view your stats as graphs or download them as .csv files. You can also see your most recent new accounts (user email addresses listed in green have been confirmed).

Wikis tab

Search for wikis by name — or by any part of the name — to get the status, number of pages, creation date, and creator of any wiki on your site. This is also where you will come to run simple reports (50 most active wikis, 50 newest wikis) and manage your wiki templates.

Users tab

Search for users by username or email address. You’ll get a snapshot of their status and activity, and you can rename users, edit their user settings, or follow the link to their member details page. You can delete accounts — or activate them — in bulk from the Users tab, as well.

Settings tab

Manage your site-wide preferences and advanced settings.

Site Details

Change your site name or contact email address.

Users & Privacy

Determine who has access to your site and what kind of access they have. Set preferences for how users sign up and who can create new wikis.

Site Look & Feel

Customize your site-wide theme, or enable wikis to use individual themes.

Content Manager

Create default content for various pages on your site.

Domain Name

Set a custom domain for your site.

Manage WWW Wiki

Manage the settings of the home www wiki.


Turn on Single Sign-On (SSO) to let your external authentication host manage user accounts.

Advanced Tools

Enable SSL, add your Google Analytics tracking code, or learn about our API.

Contact Support

Get help with your site.

Subscription tab

Review and manage your current plan, make a payment, or generate an invoice.

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